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  1. 8 Things You Can Do That Will Get You Promoted (Finally!)

    There are few things harder in the professional realm than being passed over time and time again for a promotion. While many people will go to extreme lengths to prove that they are capable of filling a more demanding role, that really isn’t necessary to get where you want to be. In fact, simply …Read More

  2. Hiring The Right Employees Is Critical To The Success Of Your Small Business

    Owners of small and medium-sized businesses will be the first to tell you how horrible the consequences of making a bad hire are. After all, the hiring process itself can be trying, but it not nearly as stressful as the monetary and reputational issues that come with choosing the wrong candidate du…Read More

  3. The Importance Of A Well-Written Resume

    If you’ve heard it once, you’ve probably heard it a million times: your professional resume is beyond important. In the grand scheme of things, your resume is the most effective way you can advertise yourself to potential employers. It’s the one place you can bombard the company you want to w…Read More

  4. Perfect Your Business Writing Skills & Advance Your Career

    There are so many people who think they simply have no reason to obtain writing skills based off of the industry they work in on a daily basis. While you may have listed any minimal writing skills you have at the bottom of your resume in the past along with things like “proficient in PowerPoint…Read More

  5. Become A Better Presenter In No Time

    For those who suffer from crippling stage fright, it seems pretty obvious that having presentation skills is extremely important. However, if you ask them why, it’s likely that they aren’t exactly sure.  At the Professional Development Center of Glendale Community College, we know just how imp…Read More

  6. Gain Knowledge & New Skills In Marketing At PDC

    We know that by now you are probably well aware of the advantages proper marketing strategies can give to a small or medium-sized business. What you may not know, however, is how a thorough understanding of marketing skills can enhance your entire career. Not only does a thorough understanding of h…Read More

  7. The Many Ways Professional Development Can Benefit Your Small Business

    In recent years, the amount of professional development offered to employees through their employer has decreased significantly. For some reason, over the last couple of decades we have noticed that providing professional development opportunities to the employees of small businesses has become som…Read More

  8. Manufacturing: A Fantastic Industry To Work In

    People who work in the manufacturing industry right now will tell you that it is one of the coolest places to find yourself as far as careers are concerned. Whether you are a tenured professional or someone who has just entered the workforce, however, you may want to seriously consider making a cha…Read More

  9. 5 Reasons To Enroll In Engineering Courses At PDC

    Figuring out what you want to do with your life never really gets easier for some people. While they may have an idea of how they go about making their dreams come true, the reality of making them happen is something entirely different. If you know that you want to be working in the engineering ind…Read More

  10. Should You Stay At Your Current Job Or Move On To Something Better?

    The majority of us can agree that there comes a time when it seems almost impossible to decide whether you should remain at your current job, or if you should begin seeking other options for a career elsewhere. The number of professionals who sit around wondering, worrying and stressing out about w…Read More