16 weeks
1 session per week
5 hours per session
80 total class hours


Any individual interested in increasing their knowledge and proficiency with Word, Excel, Outlook and Internet Explorer. Those individuals with beginning level Microsoft Office skills wishing to acquire intermediate level capabilities.

Recommended Prerequisites

Prospective students should be familiar with basic computer terminology, be proficient with the use of the mouse and keyboard, file management experience, and have at least 3 months experience using Microsoft Office. Participants should have basic typing skills. Familiarity with Windows environment is essential.


Microsoft Windows 7 Review:

Microsoft Word 2010

  • Identifying parts of the screen, basic text editing
  • Tabs, Columns and Tables
  • Formatting fonts, paragraphs and pages
  • MailMerge, file properties and finding files

Microsoft E-Com w/Outlook 2010 Email

  • Outlook Beyond E-Mail

Microsoft E-Com w/Internet Explorer

  • Search engines
  • Computer Security

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

  • Creating, saving, and opening presentations
  • Use a variety of preset backgrounds in a presentation
  • Running and navigating a slide show

Microsoft Excel 2010

  • Formulas and Functions
  • Range names
  • Working with charts
  • Database and filtering a database
  • PivotTable and PivotChart

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