15 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
60 total hours


This is an advanced training program for experienced CNC machinist and operators or participants who have recently completed our CNC Programming & Set-Up class.  Participants will set-up and run various projects on the machine in our newly updated CAD/CAM lab.

Recommended Prerequisites

For this training,  participants must have successfully completed a basic CNC training program or have at least 1 year of full-time experience in setup and operation of CNC machining centers.  Students  must be able to demonstrate proficiency in blueprint reading, shop mathematics and computer skills using Microsoft Windows®.


(This outline is intended to be a guide for the course and is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the instructor)

5-Axis Milling Operations

  • 5-axis trunnion set-up techniques
  • 5-axis part holding and clamping
  • Review 5-Axis NC programs
  • Tool touch off and setting the work offset for 5-Axis machining
  • 5-axis vector mathematics and inverse feed rate conversion
  • Calculating 5-axis rotary positioning from design drawing data
  • Planning & writing 5-axis drilling and boring operations
  • CAD/CAM for simulataneous 5-axis operations
  • Techniques for running new 1st article 5-axis jobs
  • 2 Projects
    • True 5-axis part
    • 5-axis positioning


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