20 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
80 total class hours


The AutoCAD Level 1 class is intended for the Drafter, Architect, Designer, Engineer, Manufacture, Manager or Supervisor who is directly or indirectly involved in the creation, modification and/or handling of CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) data be it in hardcopy or electronic format.

This class will give the students a sound basis of understanding and up to an intermediate level of knowledge of AutoCAD 2015 to effectively and efficiently produce or modify accurate CAD drawings/data.

Recommended Prerequisites

A good understanding of basic drafting is preferred but not mandatory, however, a strong inner desire and committment to learn AutoCAD is a must.


  1. Getting Started with AutoCAD
  2. Basic Drawing & Editing Commands
  3. Creating a Simple Drawing
  4. Drawing with Precision in AutoCAD
  5. Editing Existing Objects
  6. Hands on creating Schematic, Architectural, Machine and Mechanical Drawings
  7. Working with Layers and Layering Schemes
  8. Plotting your Drawing
  9. Understanding Model Tab, Layout Tab, Paper Space and Model Space
  10. Creating more advanced type objects
  11. Getting information from your Drawing
  12. Advanced Editing Techniques
  13. Creating, Inserting & Editing Blocks
  14. Attaching External References
  15. Working with External References
  16. Creating & Editing Text
  17. Creating & Editing Dimensions
  18. Creating Workspaces and Profiles
  19. Creating & Editing Hatching
  20. Using Grips, Working with Multiple Drawings
  21. Creating Templates
  22. Creating and Using Annotative Objects Setting up AutoCAD Working Environments through Options Dialog Window


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