20 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
Total Class:   80 hours


CATIA V5 Prismatic and Advanced Machining is tailored specifically for CAD/CAM programmers with CATIA experience who need to develop skills using CATIA to develop toolpaths for 2-D and 3-D machining operations. Training will begin with 2-D contouring, pocketing, drilling, tapping, boring, and turning operations then advance to more complex 3-D surface toolpath development. Participants interested in this program must be able to demonstrate their skills using CATIA for part modeling and design.

Recommended Prerequisites

Completion of a formal training course in basic modeling and surface design using CATIA or equivalent experience will be required.


Prismatic Machining 2-D and 3-D

  1. Basics of NC tools and milling strategies
  2. CNC Machine axis and configurations
  3. The Prismatic Machining Workbench
  4. Part design review, Preparing to machine, Part Operation Setup
  5. Replaying and toolpath verification in CATIA
  6. Facing, Profile Contour Milling, Groove Milling, Pocketing, and Prismatic Roughing
  7. Axial machining for drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, circular milling, and thread milling
  8. Pattern toolpath generation
  9. Multiple part operations
  10. Fixtures
  11. Toolpath transformations
  12. APT code generation

Surface and Multi-Axis Machining

  1. Roughing operations, Roughing rework operations
  2. Z Level Machining, Spiral, Pencil, Isoparametric, Profile contouring, and Surface machining
  3. Multi-axis Rotary Machining
  4. Multi-axis Contour Driven
  5. Multi-axis Isoparametric Machining for radii surfaces
  6. Multi-axis Flank Contouring
  7. Multi-axis Curve Machining
  8. Multi-axis Helix Machining


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