10 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
Total class:   40 Hours


This class is tailored for participants who are now working with CATIA V5 but have a desire to develop more advanced techniques in surface modeling to create more complex contoured or organically shaped designs using the Generative Shape Design workbench..

Recommended Prerequisites

Participants must have completed the CATIA V5 Mechanical Design Class or have related experience creating models and assemblies using CATIA V5. Participants must have access to CATIA V5 with the Generative Shape Design workbench


Basic Surface Design using the Generative Shape Design Workbench

  • Surfacing tools in CATIA V5
  • Surface Design Basics – Creating solids from surface models
  • Planning surface models for design intent

Advanced Wireframe Elements

  • Creating from existing geometry or model edges
  • Combining and offsetting geometry
  • Conic, splines, and extracted wireframe elements

Curve Analysis and Repair

  • Analyzing curves
  • Porcupine curvature analysis
  • Manual curve repair tools

Surface Sweeps

  • Adaptive sweeps
  • Swept surface types
  • Line, circle, and conic profiles

Advanced Surface Filleting

  • Chordal and tritangent fillets
  • Trimming options
  • Fillet Orientation, Boundary options

Using Laws to Control Features

  • Law definition
  • Creating a Law feature
  • Using Laws

Duplication Tools

  • Object repetition
  • Patterning surface features
  • Duplicating a geometric set

Surface Analysis and Repair

  • Surface error display
  • Surfacic Curvature Analysis
  • Repairing surface geometry

Offset Surfaces

  • Offset surface overview
  • Offset smoothing
  • Using the Sub-Elements to remove list to reconcile problems

Note: Dassault Systems will not allow students to purchase the student license of CATIA V5 because this course is not part of an accredited engineering or science degree program

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