20 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
Total Class Hours: 80


This is an advanced training program for CNC machinists, programmers, and manufacturing engineers with MasterCAM experience and training who need to develop more advanced skills in 3-D surface and solid modeling techniques, and mulitaxis toolpath programming for complex machined parts.

Recommended Prerequisites

For this advanced training participants must have successfully completed a basic MasterCAM® training program or have prior experience in creating toolpaths using MasterCAM®. This training assumes each participant already has the skills using MasterCAM® X2 or above to create geometry and toolpaths for contouring, drilling, tapping, threading, and pocketing operations.


Developing Complex CAD geometry for 3-D surface and solid models

  • Using multiple construction planes and advanced editing techniques
  • Surface modeling complex shapes
  • Using levels and colors to manage geometry and surfaces
  • Solid modeling design

3-D Surface Machining Toolpaths

  • Advanced Stock planning and setup for complex parts
  • Tool design modeling technique
  • Surface roughing and finishing toolpaths
  • Wireframe toolpaths
  • High speed surface roughing and finishing toolpath strategies

4 Axis Rotary Toolpaths

  • Machine types and selection
  • Preparing a 4 axis rotary setup
  • Applying 2D and 3D toolpath strategies using axis substitution
  • Toolpath planar positioning around rotary axis
  • Using multiaxis toolpaths for single rotary axis
  • Using MasterCAM’s advanced multiaxis surface toolpath strategies

5 Axis Toolpaths

  • Machine types and selection
  • The world coordinate and work coordinate systems
  • Advanced setup techniques for 5-axis toolpaths
  • Toolpath planar positioning for 5-axis
  • Simultaneous 5-axis toolpath strategies
  • Advanced multiaxis simultaneous surface machining toolpaths

4 & 5 Axis Projects

  • Complex surface model
  • 4 axis helical slot
  • 4 axis simultaneous pocketing
  • 5 axis surface machining
  • 5 axis curve with surface compensation control
  • 5 axis impeller

Employee Application Employer Application