20 weeks
1 session per week
5 hours per session
Total Class Hours: 100


This training program has been created to advance experienced CNC machinists and operators in the use of NC programming and CAD/CAM technology to develop NC code for milling and turning centers. Our MasterCAM training program has been tailored using MasterCAM®, one of the most popular CAD/CAM software packages for creating toolpaths for turning and milling centers. The participants will develop skills in job planning, NC programming, CAD drawing, and preparing toolpaths from 2-D and 3-D CAD models for both mill and lathe applications.

Recommended Prerequisites

This is not an entry-level program for beginners. Participants must be able to demonstrate proficiency in blueprint reading, shop mathematics and computer skills using Microsoft Windows®. Participants must have at least 1 year of full-time experience in setup and operation of CNC machining centers.



  • CNC milling and turning processes and functions
  • Cutting tool materials and selection
  • CNC machine tool systems and design
  • Machine axes designation and direction conventions
  • Holding fixture theory and design
  • CNC positioning systems
  • Selecting and using cutter inserts and holders
  • Understanding and calculating speeds and feeds
  • Developing a CNC machining operations plan from engineering drawings and specifications
  • NC code and programming functions
  • NC programming at the machine using MDI
  • CNC milling and turning machine controller operations and program loading
  • On machine application project for mill and lathe


  • Strategy for using CAD/CAM on-the-job
  • Working in the CAD/CAM software environment
  • Toolpath and operations planning in the CAD/CAM environment
  • Developing 2-D and 3-D CAD geometry
  • Preparing contouring, drilling, and pocketing toolpaths for CNC milling applications
  • Strategy and technique for entry and exit leads and advanced pocketing
  • Preparing OD, ID, and threading toolpaths for turning applications
  • 3-D toolpath development and editing
  • Toolpath posting theory and application to specific CNC milling and turning centers
  • Running the 1st article and toolpath editing techniques
  • Application project


Employee Application Employer Application