15 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
60 total hours


This is an advanced training program for experienced CNC machinist and operators or participants who have recently completed our CNC Programming & Set-Up class. Participants will set-up and run various projects on the machine in our newly updated CAD/CAM lab.

This course surveys the business practices involved in the activities of moving goods and services from the producer to the ultimate consumer.

Recommended Prerequisites

For this training, participants must have successfully completed a basic CNC training program or have at least 1 year of full-time experience in setup and operation of CNC machining centers. Students must be able to demonstrate proficiency in blueprint reading, shop mathematics and computer skills using Microsoft Windows®.


(This outline is intended to be a guide for the course and is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the instructor.)

Mill Turn Machining Operations

  • Mill turn machine set-up techniques
  • Set-Up and touch-off of fixed and live tools
  • Review of mill turn NC programs
  • Beyond 2-D turning – using the Y linear and C rotary axis
  • Live tool drilling operations
  • Live tool milling operations
  • Planning & writing 4-axis mill turn programs for drilling
  • Planning & writing 4-axis mill turn programs for milling
  • Using advanced mill turn canned cycles
  • Techniques for running new 1st article mill-turn jobs
  • Mill turn project
  • Using both manual programming and MasterCAM


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