All classes are conducted at the PDC training center in Montrose, California.

Classes are offered first come, first served. Employees can only apply for classes under the following conditions:

1. The Employee’s company qualifies for ETP state-funded training.

2. The Employee meets all five criteria for ETP state-funded training itemized in the application.

3. The Employee’s Manager or Supervisor has authorized the Employee’s enrollment in the ETP state-funded training class indicated below.

Click here to download an PDF application to submit by email, mail, or fax.


Employee Qualification

The Employee does not qualify for state-funded training but will take the class at the indicated Market Price.

The Employee meets the following five criteria to qualify for state-funded training and will take the class at the Net Cost:

(1) Employee is a full-time (minimum of 35 hours per week), permanent employee and earns a minimum of $22.66 per hour.

(2) Employee is committed to complete training and remain employed for 90 days after training.

(3) Employee is not enrolled in another ETP program through another contractor for the past 90 days.

(4) Employee is not a top-level executive and employee does not set company policy.

(5) Employee is not enrolled in a work share program.

  • Class Selection

    Please refer to the current class schedule for the complete name and start date class you wish to enroll in.

  • Employee Application

    To receive the Professional Development Center’s state-funded or fee-based training in the above class, please provide the following information.

  • Company Info

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please press the SUBMIT button to submit your application. The PDC will contact you within 5 business days to verify your qualification, your Company Manager’s approval and authorization, and class availability. You will be required to provide a Pay Stub to verify your wages to finalize your approval.

Payment for the class (market price or net cost) and the $300 registration/materials fee is due approximately two weeks before the class start-date. Fees are payable to Glendale Community College via credit card or company check.