ETP state-funded training is available at the PDC training center in Montrose, California, for employees of California companies that meet the following simple requirements:


California companies qualify to receive ETP-funded training for their employees providing they have less than a 21% turnover rate and can fulfill at least one (1) of the following three (3) requirements:

(1) The company’s primary business is manufacturing, pre-packaged software, or motion picture/video production.

(2) Or, 25% or more of the company’s business is sold outside of the State of California using California employees.

(3) Or, the company is losing business to competitors located outside California.


California employees who work for a company that qualifies for ETP funding can receive discounted training at a PDC training center if they meet all five (5) of the following requirements:

(1) They are a full-time, permanent employee (minimum of 35 hours per week) earning a minimum of $22.66 per hour. The value of company-paid medical benefits can be added to their salary to meet the $22.66 minimum.

(2) They are committed to completing training and remain employed for 90 days after training.

(3) They were not enrolled in another ETP training program through another contractor during the past 90 days.

(4) They are not a top-level executive and they do not set company policy.

(5) They are not currently enrolled in a work share program.