20 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
80 total hours


This course is for machinists, inspectors and shop employees who need to develop the skills and techniques to inspect parts using the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) and to prepare inspection programs for a fully automated CNC driven CMM.

Recommended Prerequisites

Participants should have some familiarity with a computer, a CMM, Blueprint Reading, Basic Shop Math and GD&T. They should be employed in a machine shop environment where machined parts are inspected.

Students are encouraged to bring in parts, solid models or blueprints for use in lesson projects.


Note: all topics are projected and subject to change.

CMM Machine Basics

  • Setting up and building the probe
  • Calibrating the probe
  • Creating a manual alignment
  • Creating a DCC alignment (Dynamic Computer Control)
  • Establishing inspection datums
  • Going from one work plane to another
  • Inspecting dimensions, length and size
  • Inspecting holes

Unlocking PC-DMIS

  • Introduction to the PC-DMIS Interface

Articulating the 4th and 5th axis and multi axis probe definitions

  • Creating the manual and DCC alignments offline
  • Programming datums, clearance planes and special moves
  • Programming using auto features
  • Using PC-DMIS to analyze the model

GD&T Illustrated and Explained

CMM Programming and Applications

  • Part programming and inspection project
  • Importing the solid model, setting up alignments
  • Sharing knowledge using a work group environment
  • Developing the inspection plan
  • Editing Existing programs
  • Programming the part offline
  • Preparing the CMM Inspection report offline
  • Run inspection on the CMM
  • Evaluation of projects and making changes and adjustments
  • Customizing reports

Employee Application Employer Application