Course Description

This course provides the participant with the skills and knowledge to effectively and efficiently apply Root Cause Analysis (RCA) tools needed to provide valuable solutions for business. The course follows a structured approach used in program/project management, engineering, business and IT administration, diagnostic medicine, telecommunications, and training development to identify and eliminate possible causes with appropriate corrective actions.


The target audience for this course include business process managers, business process users, product managers, and team members involved in quality improvement activities.



Topics and Course Content

  • The Root Cause Analysis Process
  • Defining the Problem
  • Logical Cause Analysis – What, When, Where, Who
  • Verifying Root Causes
  • Developing Process Maps
  • Measure the Problem
  • Defining Data Collection Requirements
  • Processing Reviews and Mapping
  • Analyze the Data And Determine Root Cause
  • Brainstorming Potential Solutions
  • Evaluating Cost, Complexity, Impact, Benefits, and Risks
  • Communicating and Implementing Solutions
  • Verifying the Improvement
  • Control and Standardize Improvements
  • Determining the Controls Needed to Sustain the Gains
  • Reaping the Benefits of Improvement

Learning Goals and Results

At the conclusion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Apply a structured approach for defining and analyzing the root cause of problems
  • Use a range of analysis tools to understand the problem and identify a root cause
  • Sort through numerous probable causes to find true root cause

Time Investment

This class is 32 hours of classroom time taken in 4-hour sessions over the course of 8 consecutive weeks.
Please Note: Course content and time investment can also be customized to an individual company’s needs.


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