This course focuses on universally accepted inventory planning and control processes and systems used by Stockroom and Inventory Management professionals. The concepts presented in this course are applicable to managing inventory in all manufacturing, service, and distribution industries. All terms and concepts taught in this course are based on the APICS Body of knowledge.


The course is ideal for both new and experienced employees whose job involves planning and controlling inventory including stockroom personnel, shipping and receiving employees, material handlers, inventory planners, cycle counters and other inventory control associates who want to hone their job skills and gain practical knowledge in the field of Stockroom and Inventory Management.


None. It is strongly recommended that students have a basic knowledge or some experience in Stockroom or Inventory activities.

Topics and Course Content

Purpose & Function of Inventory (PIM-3)

  • Five Functions of Inventory
  • Elements of Inventory Cost and Inventory Valuation

Inventory Replenishment Management (PIM-4)

  • Inventory Replenishment Methods and Objectives
  • Order Point, Safety Stock, and EOQ

Inventory Measurement & Control (PIM-5)

  • ABC Inventory Control
  • Inventory Accuracy Tool Kit
  • Measuring Inventory Performance

Lean Inventory (PIM-7)

  • Lean Concepts and Practice
  • Lean Techniques

Warehouse Management (PDL-7)

  • Basic Functions and Objectives of Warehousing
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Warehouse Performance Measurements

Packaging & Materials Handling (PDL-8)

  • Warehouse Design, Layout, Capacity Planning
  • Material Handling, Storage and Picking

Learning Goals and Results

At the conclusion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Utilize learned basic terms, concepts, systems, and best practices used by inventory management and stockroom professionals.
  • Apply learned material in performing their current job and/or be prepared for a next level job opportunity.
  • Use terminology and concepts learned in this course in preparing for the APICS Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) Certification exams.

Time Investment

This class is 24 hours of classroom (or virtual platform) time taken in 2-hour sessions, over a period of 6 weeks.

Employee Application Employer Application