This course focuses on standard planning and control processes and systems used by Production & Inventory Control professionals in manufacturing companies including: Production and Material Planning & Control (MRP), Inventory Planning & Control, and Capacity Planning & Control (CRP). All terms and concepts taught in this course are based on the APICS Body of knowledge.


This course is ideal for both new and experienced Production/Inventory Control employees (Production Control Supervisors, Production Planners, Material Planners, Capacity Planners, Planner/Buyers, Schedulers, Expediters and Coordinators), and other P&IC associates who want to hone their job skills and gain practical knowledge in the field of Production & Inventory Control.


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, it is strongly recommended that students have a basic knowledge or some experience in Production & Inventory Control.

Topics and Course Content

  • Fundamentals of Inventory Management (PIM-2)
    • Inventory Management Objectives and Strategy
    • Function and Purpose of Inventory
    • Inventory Trade Off Decisions
  • Purpose and Function of Inventory (PIM-3)
    • Five Functions of Inventory
    • Elements of Inventory Costing and Valuation
    • Impact of Inventory on Financials and Cash Flow
  • Product Structures (PMM-3)
    • Structuring BOM’s
    • Importance of Bill of Material Accuracy
    • Routing and Work Center Data
  • Material Planning MRP (PMM-4)
    • Dependent and Independent Demand
    • MRP Inputs and Outputs
    • MRP Mechanics
  • Managing with MRP (PMM-5)
    • MRP Explosion, Netting, and Offsetting
    • Working with MRP Action Messages
    • MRP Performance Measurements
  • Capacity Management (PMM-7)
    • Relationship Between Priority and Capacity Planning
    • Capacity Requirements Planning CRP
    • Managing Over / Underloads
  • Production Activity Control PAC (PMM-8)
    • Linkage Between PAC and Planning System
    • PAC Scheduling and Control Activities
    • PAC Data Management and Feedback
  • Advanced Scheduling (PMM-9)
    • MRP vs Lean Scheduling (Push vs Pull)
    • Resolving Schedule Conflicts
    • Managing Bottleneck Work Centers TOC

Learning Goals and Results

At the conclusion of the course, the participants will:

  • Learn basic terms, concepts, systems, and best practices used by Production and Inventory Control professionals that can immediately be applied in performing their current job and/or used to prepare for a next level job opportunity.
  • Understand the terminology and concepts learned in this course which will also in aid them in preparing for the APICS Production & Inventory Management (CPIM) Certification exams.

Time Investment

This class is 32 hours of remote classroom instruction time taken in sixteen 2-hour sessions over the course of 8 weeks.

Employee Application Employer Application