This course focuses on standard planning and control processes and systems used by Planners in manufacturing companies including Production and Material Planning & Control (MRP), Capacity Planning & Control (CRP), and Production Activity Control (PAC). All terms and concepts taught in this course are based on the APICS Body of knowledge.


This course is ideal for both new and experienced Planning employees (Production Control Supervisors, Production Planners, Material Planners, Capacity Planners, Planner/Buyers, Schedulers, Expediters and Coordinators), and other P&IC associates who want to hone their job skills and gain practical knowledge in the field of Production Planning.


None. It is strongly recommended that students have a basic knowledge or some experience in Planning.

Topics and Course Content

  • Introduction to Manufacturing Management (PMM-2)

    • Product and Process Choices
    • Manufacturing Strategy and Development
    • Manufacturing Production Methods
  • Product Structures (PMM-3)

    • Structuring BOM’s
    • Importance of Bill of Material Accuracy
    • Routing and Work Center Data
  • Material Planning MRP (PMM-4)

    • Dependent and Independent Demand
    • MRP Inputs and Outputs
    • MRP Mechanics
  • Managing with MRP (PMM-5)

    • MRP Explosion, Netting and Offsetting
    • Working with MRP Action Messages
    • MRP Performance Measurements
  • Capacity Management (PMM-7)

    • Relationship Between Priority and Capacity Planning
    • Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)
    • Managing Over / Underloads
  • Production Activity Control PAC (PMM-8)

    • Linkage Between PAC and Planning System
    • PAC Scheduling and Control Activities
    • PAC Data Management and Feedback
  • Advanced Scheduling (PMM-9)

    • MRP vs Lean Scheduling (Push vs. Pull)
    • Resolving Schedule Conflicts
    • Managing Bottleneck Work Centers (Theory of Constraints)
  • Lean Production Management (PMM-10)

    • The Lean Production Methodology
    • Lean Production in Practice
    • Lean Scheduling

Learning Goals and Results

At the conclusion of the course, the participants will:

  • Utilize learned basic terms, concepts, systems, and best practices used by Planning professionals.
  • Apply learned material in performing their current job and/or be prepared for a next-level job opportunity.
  • Use terminology and concepts learned in this course in preparing for the APICS Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) Certification exams.

Time Investment

This class is 32 hours of remote classroom instruction time taken in sixteen 2-hour sessions over the course of 8 weeks.

Employee Application Employer Application