10 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
40 total class hours


For people who want to improve their knowledge in the foundations of inventory, supply chain and operations management practices for efficiency in running a company.

For employers who want to provide training to their employees in operations management. To introduce students to APICS Body of Knowledge concepts and terminology as related to CPIM certification exams.

For students preparing to take the APICS Basics of Supply Chain Management exam.

Recommended Prerequisites

Familiarity with Excel is important to get the most out of this comprehensive database software. Access can be used for tracking, reporting or sharing business information.


  • What is a Database – Introducing data, database objects, screen layout, touring Access, help system, defining a relational database, designing a database.
  • Creating A Database – creating a table, field properties, key fields, printing records, modify table design.
  • Using a Table – extensive “hands-on” projects, basic maintenance, data integrity, importing data, restructuring table design, creating validation rules, integrating Access and Excel, importing and exporting data.
  • Queries – Defining a query, setting criteria, creating queries with multiple tables, update queries, append queries, marketable queries.
  • Forms – define a form, form layout, subforms, design view, move, resize, and align controls, header and footer section, set properties.
  • Forms and Queries – extensive “hands-on” projects, tabbed forms, expressions, save form as a report, combo boxes, expression builder, calculated fields, functions, expressions in query criteria, parameter queries.
  • Reports and Labels – Defining a report, report layouts, using the report wizard, AutoReport, grouping data, design view, mail labels.
  • Macros – understand macros, identify the uses of macros, design a macro, enter actions and arguments.

Employee Application Employer Application