Course Description

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is used as a representational way of showing specific tolerances on drawings. GD&T is a valuable tool that effectively communicates the design intent to manufacturing and inspection. It is governed by the technical standard ASME-Y14.5-2018. This course introduces participants to the GD&T system, providing a working knowledge of the correct interpretation and application of each symbol, general rules, the datum system, bonus tolerance, and highlighting some of the changes in the updated Y14.5 standard. The material is reinforced with many practice exercises.


This course is designed for manufacturing personnel who understand the basics of blueprint interpretation and need more detailed information to fully comprehend and apply today’s manufacturing drawings and standards.


Understanding the basics of blueprint interpretation.

Topics and Course Content

  • Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standards
  • GD&T Symbols and Terms
  • Datums and Datum Reference Frames
  • Material Condition and Material Boundary
  • Form Tolerances
  • Orientation Tolerances
  • Location Tolerances
  • Profile Tolerances
  • Runout Tolerances
  • Comprehensive Exam

Learning Goals and Results

At the end of the course, the participants will have learned:

  • All the Geometric controls and their usage
  • How to read a feature control frame as a sentence
  • How to describe MMC and LMC

Time Investment

This class is 60 hours of classroom time taken in 4-hour sessions over the course of 15 consecutive weeks.

Please Note: Course content and time investment can also be customized to an individual company’s needs.

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