Weeks: 10
Sessions per week: 1
Hours per session: 3.5
Total hours: 35


Whether you are part of the team, a team leader or desire to be a top influencer in your company, this class will define and train techniques to help you identify and work with the protocol in your company, strengthen your preparedness, improve communication skills and give you leadership skills.

Recommended Prerequisites




  • Company Culture
  • Impact of Roles on the Group
  • Teaming When You are Not the Leader
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Mentoring
  • Generating Ideas-Brainstorming Tools
  • Time Management
  • Sustaining an on-time Culture
  • Creating and Reading Clear Milestones
  • Communication Skills –Assuring Understanding
  • Active Listening – what is it really?
  • Focus on the Situation, the Issue or Behavior, not the Person
  • Leadership Styles; Reading Others’ Styles and Adapting in a Team Environment
  • Setting Goals
  • Prioritizing with Multiple Tasks and Multiple Departments
  • Project Management – Identifying a Project
  • Setting Schedules
  • Managing Change
  • When to Start a Team
  • When and How to Disband a Team
  • The Importance of Celebration and Acknowledging Work Accomplished
  • Presentation Skills
  • Speaking with Data
  • Creating Strong Conclusions with R.O.I. and or Cost/Benefit Factor
  • Risk Analysis
  • Asking the Right Questions of the Right People
  • Who are Your Stakeholders
  • Project Presentations
  • Graduation

Employee Application Employer Application