Course Description

This course is essentially a deep dive into the use of email, meetings, tasks and contacts in Microsoft Outlook. Combined with Microsoft OneNote, students will gain experience and insight into creating a more cohesive, efficient, and effective information management system; thus, increasing their ability to communicate and participate as team members in a professional environment.


This course is for individuals interested in gaining more knowledge and proficiency with Microsoft Outlook while experiencing the benefits of adding Microsoft OneNote to their tool kit. Students who use Outlook as their primary information management tool, and are hoping to improve their knowledge and capabilities, are encouraged to attend.


None. Prospective students should be familiar with basic computer terminology, have a basic understanding of how to work with Microsoft Office Windows, and be proficient with the use of the mouse and keyboard.

Topics and Course Content

  • Email
    • Composing Messages
    • Opening and Responding to Messages
    • Organizing Messages
    • Rules and Categorization of Messages
    • Customizing Message Options
  • Appointments and Meetings
    • Scheduling Appointments
    • Scheduling Meetings
    • Setting Calendar Options
  • Tasks
    • Recording and Scheduling Tasks and To-Dos
    • Setting Task Priorities
  • Contacts
    • Creating and Managing Contacts
  • Outlook General
    • Customizing the Outlook Environment
    • Locating Outlook Items
    • Personalizing Outlook
  • OneNote
    • Organize and Manage all information in OneNote’s electronic notebook
    • Leverage the integration of OneNote with Outlook and other Microsoft Office applications
    • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of meeting notes, project information, reporting, and communication

Learning Goals and Results

At the conclusion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Combine Outlook and OneNote to create their own Information Management System
  • Become a more effective communicator in using email, attending meetings, and as a project team member
  • Better organize Outlook items (messages, to-dos, contacts) for quicker access
  • Respond more efficiently and confidently to requests from co-workers, clients, etc.

Time Investment

This class is 32 hours of classroom time taken in 4-hour sessions over the course of 8 consecutive weeks.

Please Note: Course content and time investment can also be customized to an individual company’s needs.

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