10 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
40 total hours


This course has been created for machinists and inspectors who want to expand their CMM skill set by participating in a work group environment.

Recommended Prerequisites

Recommended Prerequisites
Participants should have some familiarity with a computer, a CMM, Blueprint Reading, Basic Shop Math and GD&T. They should be employed in a machine shop environment where machined parts are inspected.

Students are encouraged to bring in parts, solid models or blueprints for use in lesson projects.


(This outline is intended to be a guide for the course and is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the instructor)

Skills learned in Level 1 will be challenged and reinforced by programming the inspection of more complicated parts.

  • Students will upgrade from PCDMIS CAD to PCDMIS CAD++.
  • The CMM used for the class will have full 5 axis programmable capabilities.
  • Parts used for class will be more complicated.
  • All possible alignment strategies will be exercised.
  • In depth customizing of reports.
  • Full 5 axis programming as opposed to 3 axis programming with 5 axis manual articulation.
  • Use of looping and subprograms.
  • Reverse engineering of complicated parts.
  • Students are encouraged to bring in parts from their work to better customize their individual experience.

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