20 weeks         1 session/week, flexible 4 hours per session           Total Class:  80 hours


This lab is created for job shop machinists, foremen and owners. Anyone involved in large company manufacturing who wants to equate time with money in an industrial environment.


Participants should have completed either CNC Programming and Set Up Class and or Basic Mastercam Class as well as currently work in a manufacturing environment.


Students will quote on an actual commercial industrial job. They will then be taught every aspect of profitably processing that job from being issued a purchase order for the parts to issuing an invoice for the delivery of the parts.

  • This program is a working job shop experience.
  • Students are taught how to quote CNC lathe and CNC mill machining jobs.
  • Students actually complete the set ups in the quoted estimated time.
  • Students make sure the cycle times are within quoted estimated time.
  • Students learn how to plan, set up and operate all necessary CNC operations.
  • Students learn how to maintain quality by being responsible for the inspection of their own work.
  • Students learn how to track their time to make sure the job remains profitable.
  • The parts used in class are genuine commercial industrial jobs.
  • Students plan, execute, track, evaluate, and or modify every aspect of a real commercial production run from start to finish.
  • Students will learn how to and be responsible for 100% in process and 100% final inspection.
  • Students will package and prepare parts for delivery per contract P.O.
  • After the project students will evaluate their performance by comparing their quoted times with actual times.



The class meets as a group to quote and plan the schedule of operations. Once the planning and the schedule are written the class can work as a group or individually using a flexible schedule with the shop being available all week. Time will be tracked on a time clock, students assign their time to various aspects of the parts production. To complete the class the students have to have logged 80 hours into the project having time logged in every aspect of the project.