As a global leader striving to help people advance themselves in their careers, APICS ( American Production and Inventory Control Society) has made a difference in a number of people’s lives since 1957 and is striving to continue to do so every day. With innovative research, tried and true methods and systems and an overall value for those who seek our help, we have the tools you need to advance in your career, one course at a time.
We provide educational resources in regards to supply chain and operations management in areas such as inventory, materials management, logistics, production and purchasing. With APICS you get the opportunity to develop your career while networking and gaining knowledge from others in the same industry as yourself. Not to mention, you are able to have the time you need to make yourself a better employee and coworker to those who you work with every day.
The Professional Development Center at Glendale Community College offers a number of APICS classes for you to choose from. Better yourself by enrolling in one or more today!

Visit our master index of classes and learn more about the courses we are offering soon! Don’t let the opportunity to advance your career pass you by. It’s easier than you think!