20 weeks
1 session per week
5 hours per session
Total Class Hours: 100


This lab is directed towards entry level programmers who want to build set up skills through projects made on CNC lathes and mills.

Recommended Prerequisites

Participants should have completed either CNC Programming and Set Up Class and or Basic MasterCAM Class.



(This outline is intended to be a guide for the course and is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the instructor)

Students will plan, program, set up, and inspect lathe and mill parts of increasing complexity.

  • This is an exclusive lab environment, no lecture or classroom study.
  • Students will learn how to plan, put together a tool list, program, set up, and inspect actual parts.
  • Students will be exposed to most machining processes used in manufacturing today.
  • Parts will range from simple lathe and mill parts to complex parts requiring both machines using multiple set ups.
  • Students will bore jaws on a lathe and create custom vise jaws on mills.
  • Lathe processes; Rough and finish turning and boring, drilling, tapping, axial and radial grooving, internal and external threading, bar feeding, and cut off.
  • Mill processes; Flycutting, internal and external rough and finish milling periphery, drilling, tapping, internal and external thread hobbing, internal and
  • external grooving, and surfacing.
  • Students will establish geometric and work shift offsets.

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