Course Description

Delivering customer service that inspires customer loyalty requires great communication skills and a service-oriented mindset. Participants will learn to understand customer expectations and guide customer conversations to achieve a superior level of customer satisfaction. They will also learn to use problem solving tools around difficult customer requests.


This program is designed for service providers and their leaders who want to build and manage world class service.



Topics and Course Content

  • Exceptional customer service standards
  • Benefits of customer loyalty
  • Understanding and exceeding customer expectations
  • Building internal customer service
  • Communicating and listening to your customers
  • Creative solutions to difficult situations
  • Defusing angry customers
  • Learning techniques for service recovery

Learning Goals and Results

At the conclusion of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Describe exceptional customer service
  • Identify the benefits of great customer service
  • Recognize barriers to the delivery of outstanding customer service
  • Adapt to specific customer behavior styles
  • Understand customer service satisfaction and take corrective actions
  • Develop a personal action plan to improve customer service skills

Time Investment

This class is 20 hours of classroom time taken in 4-hour sessions over the course of 5 consecutive weeks.

Please Note: Course content and time investment can also be customized to an individual company’s needs.

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