Weeks: 20
Sessions per week: 1
Hours per session: 4
Total hours: 80


Many companies in southern California have retained their competitive edge by reducing waste and increasing productivity through the implementation of a variety of innovative techniques and methods that fall under a general body of knowledge called lean operations or High Performance Workplace.

Now you can prepare an entire team or just send one or two employees to learn how to lead the implementation of lean initiatives that could fundamentally change your company’s operations with significant gains in productivity and reduced operating costs.

Recommended Prerequisites



Getting Ready for Lean

  • Getting people involved and leading change
  • A history of manufacturing – understanding why we do things the way we do
  • Developing a new non-blaming culture focused on cooperative problem-solving
  • How to keep people motivated and involved in implementing lean
  • Structured problem-solving and teamwork
  • Understanding quality control and its importance in lean implementation

The Elements of Lean and a High Performance Workplace

  • Understanding the seven areas of waste
  • Getting the workplace organized – the 5S program
  • Process analysis and the identification of process or product families
  • Eliyahu Goldratts’ Theory of Constraints – focusing on the pacer process
  • Batch processing to continuous flow
  • Workplace layout – job shop and flow shop
  • The visual workplace
  • Cellular operations

Implementation Strategies

  • Value steam analysis
  • Understanding and using TAKT time
  • Balancing and leveling schedule and capacity
  • Setup reduction techniques
  • Setting up a KANBAN system (as it applies for supplies and inventory availability)
  • Planning and conducting a KAIZEN event
  • Setting up a TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) program (as needed)


Employee Application Employer Application