1. Essential Leadership Skills In The Workplace

    If you are looking to get ahead in the workplace, it’s important that you understand what management is looking for in their potential leaders. For many, the idea of being in a position of leadership is simply a matter of having power. They care more about being able to control the people who are …Read More

  2. Marketing Strategy Classes For Small Businesses

    As a small business owner, learning how to properly market your business could make or break you. No matter how good your services or products are, you have to be able to get the word out. The process of marketing helps to interest potential customers in your products or services. Your company needs…Read More

  3. Programs For Team Leadership Skills

    Have you ever worked in an environment in which the management just couldn’t seem to get it together? Unfortunately, when the leaders of a company are not doing their jobs properly or are disorganized, their shortcomings often trickle down in the company. Whether you are a team leader or you want …Read More

  4. Our Leadership Skills Program

    Although some people seem to be born leaders, we all have to develop skills and attributes in order to be great leaders. When businesses, both large and small, have ineffective leaders, the entire team feels the effects. A good leader inspires others to work effectively and to help and support their…Read More

  5. Our Program For Lean Principles

    As a small business, reducing your waste and increasing your productivity helps to optimize performance in the workplace. At the Glendale Community College Professional Development Center, we offer a program titled, “Lean Principles For Teams.” The goal of lean operations are to increase your pr…Read More

  6. Our Customer Service Program

    Without a doubt, dealing with the general public can be a very difficult task to undertake. If you have ever worked any sort of job in your entire life, then you have most likely dealt with a rude customer. Unfortunately, some customers experience high levels of dissatisfaction that had nothing to d…Read More

  7. The Technical Skills You Need To Get Hired Right Now

    In the current occupational climate, people more than ever are searching for ways to make themselves more appealing than others who they are competing for the same job. This can be difficult. After all, there are plenty of technical skills a person can have that won’t do them a bit of good when it…Read More

  8. Professional Development Opportunities Available For Entrepreneurs

    Thanks to the opportunities for ecommerce made possible by the internet, we live in a particularly advantageous time for entrepreneurs. Today, anyone with a good idea, some startup capital, and the ability to secure physical or digital space for their business can start a company with fairly good ch…Read More