We know you are always looking for new ways to set your business apart from the competition. In today’s world, there is one very important transition all businesses should be making and that transition is moving into the realm of social media marketing. It doesn’t matter at all what sort of business you are in, you need a presence on social media. If you are not already present on social media networks, we hate to tell you, but you’re a bit behind. However, if this is the case, we have to believe you have refused purposefully and therefore, we feel the need to tell you why you need to jump on the social media bandwagon as soon as possible.

Driving Targeted Traffic

Let’s think about your current website. This is the place you intend on people coming to learn more about your business. Ideally, when someone puts your company’s name into Google, your business will show up first thing. Now, let’s think about social media platforms. For each platform you use, you are adding one more search result on a search result page for a customer to find. If you utilize several different social media platforms at once, you could potentially monopolize all of page 1 on Google.

Boosts Your SEO

Being able to place your website URL on other pages on the internet is a great way to drive traffic to your site. When you have social media pages, you can not only share content multiple times on different sites, but you can also link back and forth, enhancing the value of the search engine optimization that has been completed on your site.

Can Improve Your Online Relationships

Odds are, you don’t get to talk to your customers as often as you would like. Unless they actually come to your office or store, the chances of you having a conversation with them or learning what they like and dislike about your business is slim to none. Social media provides an easy and convenient way for your customers to talk to you and for you to respond to them. You can even prompt your customers to answer questions you would like answers to like what sort of products are their favorites, how they use your products or even where they are planning to vacation this summer.

Help Generate Awareness About Events

If you are currently only advertising any of your company events on your website, there is a pretty good chance that your customers have no idea what they are. On the contrary, people check their social media profiles multiple times a day. Having your events listed on these sites as well is likely to have a huge positive effect on the amount of people who show up for your company’s gatherings, sales and more.

It Keeps You On Top Of Things

If there is an issue with your service or your product, you can be sure that your customers will let you know immediately on social media. While this might seem a bit scary, it’s also empowering. Don’t you want to be the first people to respond when there is an issue with your business? You can find a solution quickly, which is something customers absolutely appreciate.

Helps To Build Your Brand Loyalty

There are plenty of companies trying to scam people on the internet. Plain and simple, when you have active social media profiles, your customers have more faith in your company and in your brand as a whole. Engaging with your customers means they can rely on you if there is an issue. Not to mention, they will likely enjoy knowing what is happening with your company, making them an even bigger fan of your business.

Doesn’t Put You Behind The Competition

We’ve mentioned this before, but chances are that your competition is already active on social media. You know just as well as we do that you need to be better than your competitors. Not having a social media presence when others who offer the same goods or services as you makes you look bad. Don’t give potential customers a reason to choose a competitor over you.

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