There are so many people who think they simply have no reason to obtain writing skills based off of the industry they work in on a daily basis. While you may have listed any minimal writing skills you have at the bottom of your resume in the past along with things like “proficient in PowerPoint” and “good at following directions,” these days, this is a skills employers are often looking for upfront. That’s right, in the current job market, companies are looking for well-rounded employees, and this means you need to have some level of skill when it comes to writing. Not sure you believe us? No worries. Keep reading below and discover five ways having writing skills can advance your career.

  1. You set yourself apart from the competition.

    The way your written voice sounds is often the first thing an employer has presented to them in regards to you as a potential employee. When emailing a company you want to work for, or sending in a cover letter with your resume, you need to find the right balance between making yourself sound qualified and cocky. An employer will never want to hire someone who doesn’t sound professional or who makes themselves sound as though they are above the position they are applying for. Your written voice is your personal brand, and you want that brand to be something employers want.

  2. You can present yourself as knowledgeable.

    If you can somehow get your work published on the web, do so. However, it’s not likely you’ll be able to write anything worth reading if you have no professional writing skills. Taking a course in writing will teach you how to be a coherent writer so that you can begin writing for your own pleasure online or for a professional publication. This is helpful because it allows for potential employers to see your work far before they ever meet you for an interview.

  3. You can spin your skills.

    These days, everyone and their mother is looking for a social media manager for their company. Businesses that wish to grow know that social media is the key to which they can do so. If you are a good writer, you may be able to make a brand new position for yourself as the manager of a company’s social media sites.

  4. You can grow in your position more easily.

    When you have a skill like writing, that can be used in many different ways, you can be sure that you will advance much more quickly than your colleagues who can’t string words together into a sentence. Your employer will trust you much more than those without writing skills because there will be no question in their mind that you can communicate effectively with clientele and with your coworkers.

  5. You can have work on the side.

    If worse comes to worse, freelance writing jobs are constantly available. Whether you are looking to get a little bit of money on the side or you need a paycheck while you are between jobs, writing skills can surely help you to do so.

Want to perfect your writing skills?

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