At the Professional Development Center of Glendale Community College, we know how important it is to ace a test, and it all starts with good study habits. Whether you’re studying for a quiz, test, or final exam, there are some key steps you can take to ensure you set yourself up for success. In today’s blog, we’re going to go over these steps with you so you’ll be ready to study like a pro and get an A+ on that next exam. 

Five Tips That Will Take Your Study Session to the Next Level

Get Organized 

It seems obvious, but if you’re flipping around in your notes and have no idea where to start, you automatically won’t be off to a very good start. If you don’t already, keep a notebook dedicated to one class, and take notes in order of topics covered so sections are easy to read through. 

Review Notes Regularly 

The more often you look at your notes, the better chance you have of remembering what you wrote down. Don’t just wait until the night before a test to go over your notes. Look over information from your class regularly to ensure you’re absorbing the facts. 

Pick an Environment That Works for You

Some people love to work in silence, some need the steady hum of noise. Determine the type of environment you prefer, and make a plan to get to the library or coffee shop early so you can snag a good table. 

Ask Clarifying Questions 

This is where reviewing your notes regularly will come in handy. If you don’t understand something you wrote down, you’ll have time to ask a question in class or review your materials to ensure you understand it. 

Talk to Your Instructor

If you’re really struggling to grasp information, reach out to your instructor. They may have some guidance for you such as supplemental material or study tips that will help. Most teachers want to see you succeed and will be happy to see that you’re taking the initiative to understand the topic. 

As always, the PCD of CGC is here to help you grow in professional development. From computer skills and leadership skills to technical skills and continuous improvement, with us, you can keep learning and build your skillset even more. If you’re interested in any of the classes we offer in conjunction with Glendale Community College, reach out to us today.