As you can probably imagine, at the Professional Development Center of Glendale Community College, we’re huge advocates for learning. Whether you’re seeking to advance your skills with your current employer, making yourself a more valuable employee or you’re an employer who is looking to create a better workplace for everyone, we’d love to help! We offer a number of different classes that cover a variety of different skills that we think you’ll find useful. From technical skills to computer skills to engineering and design to leadership and management skills, no matter how you’re interested in learning, we have you covered.

We can even create custom training programs addressing each of your company’s specific needs. In other words, no matter what type of skills you’d like to gain, PDC of GCC is here to help. We’ve been doing what we do for over three decades and in that time we’ve helped nearly 5,000 companies to level up. Needless to say, there’s a lot of value in what we do, but in today’s post we’d like to cover why we think you should never stop learning whether you’re in a classroom or not. Keep reading to learn more, or contact us today with any questions you may have

The Importance of Continuing Your Education

Let’s say you went to school to learn more about business. If that’s the case, you might be interested in our courses on leadership and operations management. You may also find courses in Microsoft Office, Quickbooks Pro, and even social media management very helpful. Because there are so many different aspects of business that you can focus on, you can tailor your learning to suit your specific needs. This allows you to become an asset to a company, whether it’s one that you join because your skills are a good fit or one that you start yourself.

Of course, it’s also important to continue growing outside of work. All too often, people tend to focus solely on how they can grow as employees. Don’t get us wrong — this is a crucial part of who you are and there’s nothing quite as rewarding as loving what you do and knowing that you’re very good at it. All we’re saying is that there’s more to life than how many hours are on your timecard.

How Can You Improve Yourself?

What are your hobbies? In this day and age, it can be easy to let actual hobbies fall by the wayside as we work 40 or more hours each week. Add in all of the errands that you have to run, meals you have to cook, and bills you have to pay and it can feel like there’s just not enough time in a day. That’s why it’s so easy to fall into a routine of coming home from work, turning on Netflix, binge watching the show you’re currently obsessed with for three or four hours, and then falling asleep. The next morning you wake up and do it all over again.

How can you break out of that routine? The answer is simple — find a new hobby!

Sure, television and movies can be a hobby, but that’s only if you’re actually engaged with what you’re doing. 

The good news is that there are plenty of other great hobbies out there that you can spend your time on, enriching yourself in the process. Do you like working with your hands? It’s easier than ever to take up woodworking, sewing, gardening, and cooking — and that only scratches the surface of what you can do! 

The Internet Makes Everything a Little Easier

Whereas in the past you may have had to live near someone who knew about your hobby (or have a good library filled with books on subjects that you’re interested in), nowadays we can turn to the internet to learn new skills. This is helpful, of course, because many of us are visual learners who thrive on being able to see what a person is doing. 

There’s also a wealth of information available through websites. Let’s take woodworking, for example. Several individuals have websites with woodworking plans containing complete instructions, allowing you to borrow some inspiration and create something that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Or, of course, you can turn to websites for publications of the hobbies you’re interested in. Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking, Woodsmith, and Do It Yourself are magazines that also offer helpful information, reviews, plans, and discussions on their websites. The end result? A wealth of information allowing you to learn and grow in your hobby, all at your fingertips. It doesn’t get much better than that!

But Why Pursue a Hobby?

We know what some of you may be thinking — “I don’t have time for a hobby, so why should I even look for one?” While we understand the sentiment, we believe that it’s worth giving up something you like less for something that will enrich your life in a meaningful way. 

Additionally, there are countless benefits to having hobbies. Consider for a moment what it’s like to lie down on the couch and watch television. Chances are you have your phone out and you’re scrolling through social media, distracting yourself from your distraction. Inevitably, your mind wanders a bit and you start thinking about what’s going on at work.

If you were working in your garden, you get to enjoy using your hands and your mind, keeping both busy. Does that mean that you won’t think about work? Probably not, but studies have shown time and time again that having a hobby can take your mind off of stressful situations. It can also help you to calm down at the end of a hard day, improve your patience, and just make you feel good. The last benefit is according to a recent article in the New York Times, which also says that “whether you engage in a hobby for its own sake or as a career driver, self-improvement is a win-win.” There are plenty of helpful tips in the article, and we couldn’t agree more with what it has to say.

Providing Development Opportunities in Montrose

No matter who you are or what your goals are, if you’re looking for development opportunities and you’re interested in continuous improvement, you’re in the right place! At the Professional Development Center, our goal is to make your life a little bit better.

Browse our upcoming classes to find one that works for you, or contact us today about creating a custom training program for your workplace. Either way, we’re here to help and we look forward to helping you continue on the path of learning.