For those who suffer from crippling stage fright, it seems pretty obvious that having presentation skills is extremely important. However, if you ask them why, it’s likely that they aren’t exactly sure.  At the Professional Development Center of Glendale Community College, we know just how imperative effective presentation skills are, and we also know why they hold so much weight. In our Presentation Skills Course, you will learn what sort of success better presentation skills can provide you with. Want to know more now? Continue reading below to find out the type of impact conquering presenting can have on your life.

Individual Success

One of the most common presentations people have to give is often in a job interview. While this isn’t a formal presentation, job interviews do require a person to present a good amount of information to one or more people in a professional way. Being successful in this capacity means that you will not only present yourself as a great candidate, but you will also outshine your competition.

Additionally, working in nearly any kind of business these days requires that you present information to coworkers and higher ups. Being able to express your ideas in a way that is easy to understand will allow you to stand out when your superiors are trying to determine who gets that promotion you have been vying for.

Business Success

When it comes to representing a company or a brand, the presenters are often all consumers have to go off of besides the product or service itself. Being able to clearly communicate with staff, clients, investors, partners and the public, while feeling confident, is beyond important. After all, this can mean the difference between your company being supported monetarily or not.

Stress Relief

Plain and simple, when you are an effective presenter, you are able to communicate more thoroughly. Miscommunications tends to cause a lot of unneeded stress in the workplace. When a presentation isn’t clear, employees and consumers alike do not feel comfortable, leading to your business or your product being associated with anxiety. This is by far one of the worst things anyone can experience in regards to your brand.

Time Management

A good presenter knows that an effective presentation doesn’t have to be long. Actually one of the biggest mistakes presenters make is taking too long to get to the point. Don’t waste people’s time. Get to the point fast. The last thing you want is people staring at their watches, praying that you will be done soon.


Your business is your cause. Even if you don’t own the business, you need to know what the cause of the company you work for is because every cause needs a leader. In order to be a good leader, however, you have to be able to deliver a clear and inspiring message. Without presentation skills, you simply cannot do this.

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