7 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
Total class hours: 28


This course is intended for those in quality, in production and other positions measuring processes to control variation in the output.


SPC or statistical process control is a statistically-based family of tools used to monitor, control, and improve processes.  SPC can be used to track and hold the gains from quality improvement activities. This course has a practical hands-on approach in understanding control charts for quality improvement Participants will learn to recognize the importance and role of implementing, interpreting and use statistical process control charts. Knowledge of basic algebra is helpful but not required.

Recommended Prerequisites



(This outline is intended to be a guide for the course and is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the instructor.)

  1. Introduction to Statistical Process Control
  2. Charting and tracking Processes
  3. Concepts of Variation
  4. Variable Charts
    1. X-Bar and R charts
    2. IX-MR charts
    3. Target Charts
  5. Interpreting Variable Control Charts
  6. Attribute Data Control Charts
    1. np Charts
    2. p Charts
    3. c Charts
    4. u Charts
  7. Capability Analysis
    1. Process Capabilities
    2. Measurement Capabilities

Employee Application Employer Application