15 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
Total Class: 60 hours


This course is a follow-on program to the PDC Leadership for New Leaders Program.  It is intended for organizational leaders, key support staff and operational managers, as well as graduates of the PDC Basic Leadership course.

This course is highly interactive with hands-on exercises throughout all topic areas. In this course you will continue to explore topics critical to developing effective leadership skills such as motivation, team development and communication with a particular emphasis on business communication skills such as modern business writing.

Recommended Prerequisites



  1. Developing Relationships
  2. Leaders vs. Managers; Developing A Vision
  3. Essential Negotiation Skills I
  4. Essential Negotiation Skills II
  5. Time Management and Delegation
  6. Coaching and Developing People
  7. Change Management II
  8. Presentation Skills II
  9. Business Writing I: Grammar Refresher and Exercises
  10. Business Writing II: The Rules of Writing and Breaking Them
  11. Business Writing III: Email Etiquette
  12. Business Writing IV Writing an Executive Summary:
  13. Writing a Basic Proposal
  14. Writing and Presenting Persuasively
  15. Class Presentations

Employee Application Employer Application