15 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
Total class: 60 hours


Any individual interested in motivating employees, developing team members’ skills, and developing a continuous improvement culture.

Recommended Prerequisites



Leading Individuals in High Performance Organizations

  • Appreciating individual differences: personality and ability
  • Understanding values, attitudes, and moods and emotions.
  • Managing perceptions, attributions, and working diversity.
  • Fostering learning and innovation in the work environment.

Engaging, Motivating and Creating a Productive Workforce

  • Understanding the nature of work and motivation.
  • Creating a motivating work setting.
  • Examining pay, careers, and the changing employment relationship.
  • Managing stress and work life balance.

Applying Effective Group and Team Processes

  • Understanding the nature of work groups and teams.
  • Illustrate effective work groups and teams.
  • Examine effective leaders and leadership techniques.
  • Examine power, politics, conflict, and negotiations.
  • Communicating effectively in organizations.
  • Decision-making and organizational learning.

Leadership and the Organizational Processes.

  • Assess organizational design and structures for high-performance.
  • Aligning and anchoring a customer focused culture.
  • Building a culture that fosters ethical behaviors.
  • Evaluating and designing operational improvement initiatives.
  • Leading and managing organizational change.

Employee Application Employer Application