Weeks: 15
Sessions per week: 1
Hours per session: 4
Total hours: 60


Any individual interested in motivating employees, developing team members’ skills, and developing a continuous improvement culture.

Recommended Prerequisites



  1. Work Styles and Motivation

Working with each of Four Communication Styles for Improved Communication

  1. Communication Skills:

Communication, Listening Skills, and Feedback

  1. Defining Quality

The Leader’s Role in Defining Quality

  1. Managing Conflict

Conflict Management Styles and Strategies for Dealing with Conflict

  1. The Multi-Generational Workforce

Techniques for Working in a Multi-Generational Environment

  1. The Four Leadership Styles

Tools for Using the Appropriate Style to the Situation and Person

  1. Team Development

Managing the Stages of Team Development


  1. Meeting Management

Methods for more Productive and Efficient Meetings

  1. Time Management

Proven techniques for effective Time Management

  1. Managing Change

Understanding Managing Change in a Work Group

Additional Topics:

  • From Buddy to Boss
  • Present with Confidence and Power
  • Training for the Trainer
  • Effective Interviewing
  • Performance Management
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Problem Solving Process
  • Electronic Business Communication

Employee Application Employer Application