10 weeks
1 session per week
4 hours per session
Total Class: 40 hours


Companies recognizing that the effective flow of information is the lifeline of the business, enroll their employees in this fast-faced hands-on training. This class will help employees who communicate throughout the day to write effectively, answering the steady stream of correspondence, writing reports, procedures, manuals, and proposals. This class is guaranteed to improve your writing skills. Enroll today.

Recommended Prerequisites

Comfortable reading and writing English


Refresher on Grammar

  • Three “C’s” and a “K” of Writing
  • Punctuation
  • Proofreading Techniques

Writing Clear Memos

  • 4 Elements of Writing a Memo
  • Memo Model
  • Action Words to Remember

The Elements of Style

  • Organizational Principles to Clear Writing
  • Hot, Cool, Formal and Informal Writing

My Personal Tone Teaching a Techie to Write, Procedures and Manuals

  • Know Your Audience
  • Eight Essential Writing Skills for Techies
  • Active vs. Passive Writing

Writing an Executive Summary

  • Types of Executive Summaries
  • 7 questions to Answer in the Executive Summary
  • Formatting to Enhance the Executive Summary

Don’t Click Send. A first Look at E-mail Etiquette

  • The Ten Commandments of E-mails and Letters
  • Steps to follow for Writing Effective E-mails
  • Grooming Your E-mails

Follow the Rules of Writing, or Not

  • Never End a Sentence with a Preposition
  • Never Begin a Sentence with “And or But”
  • Never Split an Infinitive. What’s Infinitive?

All Occasion Writing

  • Introduction of a Speaker
  • Acceptance of an Award
  • Invitation to a Company Event

How to Write a Basic Proposal

  • Elements of the Proposal
  • Testing for Accuracy
  • Language, Language, Language

Writing Persuasively

  • Ten Techniques for Writing Persuasively
  • Presentations
  • Graduation Ceremony

Employee Application Employer Application